Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Company/Institution: Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Department: Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA
Degree Requirements: PhD Salary: Not available
Job Type: Training/Fellowship Posted: May 2, 2021
Job Setting: Corporate Research Institute Application Period: May 3-July 3, 2021

We are seeking a highly motivated postdoctoral fellow to join our Red Blood Cell Immunology Laboratory at Cedars-Sinai, led by David Gibb MD PhD ( The lab studies the immune response to red blood cell antigens following blood transfusions, and the role of inflammation in this response. Other areas of study include: inflammatory mechanisms leading to vascular damage and it’s severe consequences in sickle cell disease; mechanisms underlying RBC auto- and alloantibody production in lupus; and the role of innate immune pathways and cytokine production in sickle cell disease and autoimmunity. The laboratory utilizes mouse models, cell lines, and human samples.

The post-doctoral fellow will participate in laboratory research projects under the mentorship of the Principal Investigator (including experimental set-up, completing experiments, data collection and data analysis). The fellow will also be involved in presenting data at lab meetings and conferences, and manuscript preparation for publication. The fellow will complete experiments independently or with other lab members or the principal investigator.

A successful candidate will be a self-starter, have excellent organizational and record keeping skills, and be able to multi-task while maintaining precision. Skills frequently utilized to complete daily tasks include: mouse handling, basic lab skills, quantitative PCR, flow cytometry, and cell culture.

Requirements: Doctoral degree in biological sciences or a related field and lab research experience. Applicants with experience in flow cytometry, quantitative PCR, and mouse tail vein injections are strongly encouraged to apply. Experience with mice is a plus, but not required. Good communication and teamwork skills are required.

Please contact David Gibb at for more information.

Contact Information

David Gibb, MD, PhD
8700 Beverly Blvd #2900A
Los Angeles, CA 90048 USA>

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